Membership Dues


Monthly Membership Dues

Monthly Membership Dues offer Members a true year-round Membership program. Similar to other annual memberships, dues for the 2018 season will be charged monthly from Nov. 17, 2017 through Oct. 17, 2018. This will allow for lower monthly payments spread throughout the entire year.

Membership dues will automatically be charged to your credit card for twelve (12) equal monthly installments. You have the ability to cancel your Membership at any time. If you cancel your Membership after Nov 15, 2017, any payments made towards your 2017 Membership will be non-refundable. Please note ticket rights, tenure and playoff rights would be forfeited should the Membership be cancelled.

Payment In Full

Members who are not enrolled in Monthly Membership Dues and prefer to pay in full have a renewal deadline of January 17, 2018. If you would like to enroll in the Monthly Membership Dues program and spread your payments throughout the year, please contact a Membership Service Representative at 1-888-FINS-TIX.

Please see the Membership agreement, available HERE, for full terms and conditions of our monthly payment plan.