Shade Canopy


The most dramatic addition to the all-new Hard Rock Stadium is the open-air canopy, providing shade for 92% of the seats while allowing for a natural grass playing field.

Canopy facts:

  • 14,000 tons of steel were used to build the Canopy
  • Canopy is supported by 8 concrete “super columns” which support in excess of 20 million lbs, as well as hurricane force winds
  • Cables up to 5” in diameter support the 800’ wide by 900’ long canopy
  • The top of the Canopy structure is 360’ off the ground
  • Transparent inner edge is made out of a pillowed EFTE foil system
  • Nine cranes were used to build the canopy. The four largest cranes will have a lifting capacity of 850 tons each and will have booms almost 400 ft in height


Hard Rock Stadium


The canopy is designed to provide shade to as many fans as possible.  However, depending on the month and the time of day, some limited areas will not be in full shade.  The images below show an approximate depiction of sun exposure throughout the season.

To see additional images that show approximate shade during different times of day for each month, click on a month below.

Sept 1 PM
Oct 1 PM
Nov 1 PM
Dec 1 PM